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Foggy Mountain BearGuard
The only bootgrease made with real BearFat and Wild Maine Beeswax
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"I couldn't believe what was happening. Deer walked within twenty feet of me to investigate what I was. The smell from your PRO COVER covered all human odor." -- Daniel Warfel, Denver CO

You're only human, but you don't have to smell like one anymore!

No matter what you are hunting, your first enemy is how you smell. Your smell sets off alarm bells for all game animals. And none are more wary than the big trophys! But ProCover changes all that. Wayne first created ProCover for his own hunters a couple of deacdes ago because he literally had no choice:
"Meat on the pole pays my bills… .nothing else. Well, for quite a few years now, if 20 men came up to hunt with me, they would bring 20 different bottles of scents and lures and stuff. They mean well, but most of the stuff just doesn't work. About 20 years ago we came up with a cover scent that really works for us, especially when bowhunting where getting in close means everything. We mixed it up ourselves and gave it out to our hunters in mayonnaise jars long before we even thought to name it. Folks always asked for more. Pro-Cover came out on the market over 20 years ago and folks are still using it and asking for it... It really works." Master Guide Wayne A. Bosowicz Foggy Mountain Guide Service Maine & Ontario

DIRECTIONS: Pre-Hunt Preparations Start with clean hunting clothes. Shake Pro-Cover bottle well. Seal outer clothes in plastic bag with a few drops of Pro-Cover and leave overnight. For Best Results: Shake well. Squirt Pro-Cover on a folded cloth or paper towel and let it soak in. Dab on neck, hands and clothes. Most importantly, apply to soles of boots or to ScentTags fastened under boot laces before walking a trail or approaching your stand or blind. Use in conjunction with Foggy Mountain hunting lures.


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